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Endermologie is an FDA approved technology designed to reduce cellulite. The procedure is performed by using a patented anti-cellulite machine, developed by LPG Systems, that massages the targeted areas using motorized symmetrical rollers combined with gentle suction action. The folding action softens the connective tissue and results in the reduction of cellulite and reduced water retention. Release and decompression of the area results in an influx of blood along with its nourishing elements. Tissues become transformed, and the result is a smoother, stronger dermis. Treatment after treatment, fibroblasts - the connective tissues - are stimulated, leading to renewed collagen and elastin production, creating smoother and softer skin.

Silhouette Endermologie is a skin care service for the body. Endermologie is the leading skin firming technology derived from France, a body contouring massage that restores elastin and collagen to the skin's surface while reducing cellulite and decreasing edema (fluid retention). Clients also enjoy the health benefits of increased blood and lymphatic circulation. Benefits include cellulite reduction, collagen restoration and improved lymphatic circulation. Some clients experience circumference reduction
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Phone: 310.963.7195

Why do i have cellulilte if I have had liposuction and I diet/excericse constantly?

Diet, excercise and liposuction all reduce the size of the fat cells in the deep fat reserve layer. Endermologie works on the layer where the cellulite is located: the subcutaneous layer, also known as the hyperdermis.

Does it hurt?

No. The massage aspect of Endermologie releases superficial nerve endings from the fascia, which is why it feels really good. It can be pinchy at first and the levels can be adjusted to a comfortable pressure. Clients who are sensitive tend to desensitize by the fourth session.

How long are the sessions?

35 minutes with a focus on your problem areas while maximizing blood and lymphatic circulation benefits.

How frequently should i come?

Frequency is the key element of results. If you are going to Tahiti in a bikini, book your sessions about 5 to 6 weeks prior to your flight. Twice a week is necessary to maximize your results for fifteen sessions or so. Following that, once is week is fine. Most clients begin to see and feel cosmetic results by the 5th or 6th session. If you are seeking circulation and health benefits only for endermologie sessions, once a week is absolutely fine.

This procedure increases...the blood circulation by 400% for up to 6 hours and the lymphatic circulation by 300% for up to 3 hours (This was measured by laser doppler study at UCLA)